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Philips Blu Ray Players

Philips BDP7300, Philips BDP3000 & Philips BDP5000 Announced

Philips Blu Ray, Philips Bluray, Philips Blue Ray

Philips Blu Ray Update! - August 2009
The full range of Philips Blu Ray Players is complete. It's taken a while and with the addition of the Philips BDP 7300, Philips BDP 3000 and the BDP 5000 to it's already released BDP 7200, Philips offers a one stop shop for your home entertainment needs that rivals the Sony Bravia system. The aesthetics of the Philips product range is widely documented and undoubtadly is what attracts many style concious consumers.

It's not just the style of it's blu ray players that attracts consumers to Philips. While they are very slightly more expensive than some of it's competitors, the price pretty much hits the mark and with excellent features for your cash.

Philips BDP 3000 - Blu Ray Player is the first of the Philips range to aim its price point at the budget end of the market. It may be cheap, but short on functionality it isn't. Simplicity is it's style with single touch play and standby, but just about any function you want for your regular home entertainment need, this product incorporates.

Philips BDP 5000 - Coming soon

Philips BDP 7200 The first of the Philips Blu Ray product range, at it's launch it was unique with it's gentle curves and particularly stylish looks. It really is a good machine, excellent features and superb quality. Read our review here today.

Philips BDP 7300 - Coming soon

Philips Blu Ray Player, Philips BDP 7300

Finally the Philips Blu Ray Player product range is complete. For a long time Philips have been sat with their Philips BDP 7200, but now they’re pushing the boundaries once again offering the Philips BDP7300, BDP3000 and BDP5000.

Renowned for slow release, Philips have been at the forefront of digital media storage for years going right back to the cassette, CD, DVD and now Blu Ray, holding many of the key patents surrounding the Blu Ray technology.

Although they lead the research and development, they don’t lead the product development, which is pretty much in the bag for Sony with their BRAVIA kit, couple with the new Sony BDP-S360, or their flagship 5000ES. Their kit integrates right out of the box, and depending on your choice of options, often wirelessly.

Philips are yet to provide any detailed information on integration, but if their High Definition TVs are anything to go by their technology should integrate seamlessly, after all they are renowned for their excellence and innovative nature.

Philips say that their new players will be “pushing the boundaries in picture quality and sound experience”. Barriers that are hard to push, and maybe a slight overstatement, but their flagship model the BDP7300 certainly does come loaded.

The latest Philips Blu Ray Disc products will be BD-Live™ compatible as well as supporting 24 frames per second playback and upscale DVDs to 1080i. 1080p is the best picture quality provided by blu ray, but 1080i is the closest you can get from the previous technology. They do provide the perfect viewing experience with the 1080p technology with the blu ray discs.

The Philips BDP7300 is the one for those of you that appreciate the sound experience as much or even more than the visual experience. Their players will have the full 7.1 channel HD Audio in Dolby, TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.

As well as all this, their players are at least DivX certified or DivX Ultra Certified which means it can play the compressed video format often found on the internet. The players also come with 1GB internal memory.

Let’s hope that Philips’ latest blu ray players can give the current ranges from Sony and Panasonic a real run for their money.

Detailed reviews on the Philips BDP7300, Philips BDP3000 and Philips BDP5000 will follow very shortly (as soon as they are released in the next couple of months).

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