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Blu Ray

What is it?

The proper name of Blue Ray is in fact Blu-Ray or Blu Ray Disc, sometimes known as BD.

BD is a way of storing data or media. To simplify the explanation it's an advanced version of DVD using the same basic technology but rather than using the red laser of DVD, it uses a blue laser, hence the name.

To keep the technicals short (sorry, I easily bore when it comes to these), the wavelength of blue laser is 405 nm (nano meters) compared to the 650 nm of a red laser. This means that a lot more data can be stored on the same disc.

Because a typical size disc is perfectly sufficient for use on a DVD for a movie, there was previously no need for a larger disc.

Since the expansion of High Definition TV, or HD TV, the amount of data needed for storage of lets say, a movie, Blu Ray has come into it's own. No one wants to get up half way through a gripping film just to change a disc.

With this expansion of Blu Ray, we can now use this technology to store more data, just like a DVD. Computer files and media can also be stored in exactly the same way as DVD's.

How much data can a blu ray disc hold? Well, I'm glad you asked. A typical disc can hold up to 25GB of storage with a dual layer disc holding 50GB.

It is also possible to put around 9 hours of High Def (HD) Video onto a dual layer Blu Ray Disc, with more than 20 hours of standard definition films.

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