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Apple move towards Blu Ray With HD Support

With increasing demands by us, the consumer, Apple have made moves towards the ever more popular Blu-Ray Disc (BD) Technology.

Apple´s latest technology release to developers included the capability of supporting the blu ray format of HD. Also contained in the "About iTunes" section of the pre-release version of the latest iPhone software version 8.1 was a reference to the iPhone supporting Blu-Ray films and content in the future.

New to high definition, Apple are still to supply it`s computer range with Blu Ray Drives claiming the licencing costs are just too high.

With the recent news about the joint blu ray licencing deal between Sony, Philips and Panasonic, Apple will hopefully find that the licencing cost is soon radically reduced.

Sony unveils it's latest Blu Ray Player

Incorporating the latest in cutting edge technology with 1080p picture quality giving a pristine picture with perfect clarity and full 7.1 surround sound through a compatible AV receiver, the Sony BDP-S360 has raised the bar for mid range blu ray players yet again.

Deigned to supersede the Sony BDP-S300 and S350 players, the BDP-S360 carries on Sony’s tradition of excellent, functionality and design.

To complement the Sony BDP S360 blu ray player, Sony is also launching three new BRAVIA Theatre systems. These are the HT-FS3, HT-SS360 and the HT-SF360. Combined with the BDP-S360 these provide superb HD (High Definition) sound which complements the High-Def viewing experience.

The combination of the BRAVIA Theatre system with the Sony BDP-S360 is the benchmark of the home cinema experience which will undoubtadly have many of the other manufacturers running to catch up.

By presenting the opportunity to immerse yourself in the new and exciting world of BD-Live™, the BDP-S360 takes interactive home entertainment to another level. The BD-Live™ feature continues to push the boundaries of the home movie experience by allowing you to download addition content such as trailers, additional movie scenes and even movie based games.

The simplicity of Sony’s systems is no stranger to the BDP-S360. Incorporating a quick start mode, the BDP-S360 will have you running the blu-ray player in only six seconds. Also if incorporating the blu-ray player with the Sony BRAVIA system, the sync technology enables you to set up quickly, sync perfectly and run the whole package from one remote. A superb feature I’m sure you’ll agree. How many of us sit at home holding 3, 4 or even 5 remotes?

To read our detailed review of the Sony BDP-S360, click here now.

Philips Announce it's Full range of Blu Ray Players

Finally the Philips Blu Ray Player product range is complete. For a long time Philips have been sat with their Philips BDP 7200, but now they’re pushing the boundaries once again offering the Philips BDP7300, Philips BDP3000 and Philips BDP5000.

Renowned for slow release, Philips have been at the forefront of digital media storage for years going right back to the cassette, CD, DVD and now Blu Ray, holding many of the key patents surrounding the Blu Ray technology.

Philips Blu Ray Player Reviews

Sony, Philips and Panasonic Blu Ray to Join Forces

In an effort to create a single licence for Blu-Ray Disc, DVD and CD patents, Philips, Sony and Panasonic have joined forces. According to the companies the new licencing process will be launched in the middle of the year and administered by an indipendant US Based organisation with branches in most continents of the world.

The new licence company will be headed by the former head of Intellectual Property for IBM Mr Gerald Rosenthal. This move is likely to make it possible to buy cheaper Blu Ray media. This deal secures the future of the blu ray market for quite a while to come and is also likely to lead to more discount blu ray players.

By combining forces, the companies are reducing their costs while making Blu-Ray-Disc technology more accessible to more people. Licensing fees of just US$9.50 for a Blu-Ray Disc player and US$14.00 for a Blu-ray Disc recorder and just 15 cents for a RW disc.

Only the future will make it clear if the move will increase sales but undoubtadly this move is seen as a benefit to the consumer in the long term. It is yet to be seen if and how these companies will adhere to and enforce the agreement. Only time will tell.

Blockbuster backs Blu Ray

Blockbuster the film rental giant is set to rent only the Blu-Ray format high-definition DVDs.

The Sony supported Blu-Ray format is coming close to winning the battle. The previously Toshiba-backed HD DVD format which was the only main contender against blu-ray has finally lost it's battle.

With so many blockbuster stores, now 1450 across the US, exclusively backing the blue ray format the HD DVD has been left out to dry.

Earlier this year Toshiba pulled out of the race to control the HD DVD market by backing down from it's format in favour of Sony.

This comes as all film studios in the US except Universal Studios supply films in the blue ray format. Go from Blu Ray News back to Home


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