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Blockbuster Blu Ray

Blockbuster UK free DVD & Blu Ray trial offer

Online DVD Rental - FREE 2 week trial
The UK's leading online Service

Blockbuster blu ray, blockbuster dvd The largest name in the UK video rental market, Blockbuster are offering Blu Ray rentals at a remarkable price of £0. It’s a 2 week free trial to see if you like their service. It’s pretty simple. Sign up for their free trial offer and have the film of your choice delivered to you door.

No obligation and no need to buy.

Perfect for a low cost evening at home of free entertainment. They have one of the widest selections of films available on both DVD and the newer Blu Ray format.

The whole process is pretty simple. Using Blockbusters website, you make a list of the films you want to watch. You can choose up to 2 at any time. They post you’re your choices. You can keep them as long as you like with no due dates, and then return them when you are done using their pre paid envelope. You don’t even have to pay to send them back.

Although there are other companies that offer this, Blockbusters benefits are their range, which is massive, their stock. It’s most likely they will have exactly what you want, when you want it, and the cost. Even for 2 disc rentals, they never charge extra.

So, give it a crack, and at least you got yourself some free movies for the evening.

Click here to see the Blockbuster FREE 2 week trial for yourself and decide before you buy!

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